Imam Shafi N. Abdul Aziz

As salam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

After a long absence of over 2 years without a spiritual leader, Masjid Abu Bakr announces, with exuberance, that we have hired a highly competent and experienced Imam to meet this community’s needs, let us all welcome Imam Shafi N. Abdul Aziz and his family to our community.

Imam Shafi was born and raised in Kenya. He has studied International Business, Communication and Public Relations. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Islamic Studies and Dawah. Imam Shafi wrote and translated many different books. One of his own writings is about what the world should know about our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in English. Imam Shafi has also complied and translated a book on Islamic Supplications and Etiquettes. He is multilingual as he speaks Arabic, English, Dho lua and Swahili. He plans to utilize his vast experience and education to serve the Colorado Muslim Community, strengthen interfaith dialogue and relations, and enhance the Islamic Educational activity of CMS.

In order to accomplish this great task, he’s constructed a detailed plan, delineating the pertinent programs and activities that cover the Muslim Community Issues, Dawah, and Masjid Activites. Friday, May 6, CMS distributed 1,000 copies of his program for the community to review and respond to. The community was invited back Saturday May 7 to offer suggestions and go over the plans. Your new Imam is more than happy to address your concerns and questions regarding his program and encourages your feedback.

By Dr. Salem Altobulee

Welcome Imam Shafi