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Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Kareem and Official Time Table!

To all our brothers and sisters in Islam, CMS would like extend it’s heartfelt Ramadan Kareem.  An official timetable for Ramadan can be found by pressing the button below:

Ramadan Timetable


From all of us at the CMS, may the Ramadan lessons of solidarity, compassion & mercy be an inspiration to all of us – now more than ever.

CMS Masjid Abu Bakr - Fundraising Drive
November 7, 2020

Colorado Muslim Society – Masjid Abu Bakr Fundraising Drive 2071 South Parker Road, Denver, CO 80231

To: Colorado Muslim Community

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalam-u-Aleykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuhu!

We pray that this message reaches you and your family in the best of health and Iman. We are grateful for your assistance and support to Masjid Abu Bakr/CMS in the past and we are requesting that you continue to support us with your generous financial contributions as we go through this challenging period resulting from the COVID19 pandemic.

To briefly summarize the recent challenges that we have faced and are currently facing:

  • The masjid and facility were shut down for about 3 months (March to May 2020) due to COVID19 restrictions and health agency recommendations. We have also a recent shut-down for a few days to address a COVID related concern.
  • The masjid was closed during last Ramadan and our brothers and sisters missed performing the Suhoor/lftar/Taraweeh prayers/Laylat al Qadr and other activities that are performed during this blessed month.
  • Our annual fund-raising events to meet the operating expenses and other community needs such as Zakat and funeral related expenses (and burial-related costs at both Hampden and Bennett Cemetery) were also impacted and could not be conducted in Ramadan.
  • Since the re-opening of the masjid in June 2020, we have been operating with about 50% of our normal capacity in order to comply with the COVID19 restrictions of social distance, and maximum facility capacity limits etc. along with strict enforcement of all other Tri-County health agency requirements (sanitizing facility frequently, wearing mask, bringing own prayer rugs etc. and keeping bathroom and wudu areas closed etc.). This has resulted in a significant decline in our weekly Friday donations, while our expenses have been higher with the requirements to comply with the additional health safety requirements.
  • We are also currently raising funds for replacing our current Hearse with a new Hearse to transport our deceased to either the Hampden or Bennett Cemetery from Masjid Abu Bakr (after the Ghusl and Janazah).

In spite of the above listed challenges, Alhamdullilah Masjid Abu Bakr is open 7 days/week with Jumuah (2 prayer services offered each Jumuah) and the five daily prayer services offered daily, along with our regular services that are offered (including burial wash – Ghusl/Janazah and burial services). As stated earlier, we are grateful for the generous donations given by you and our other community members and we ask Allah Azzawajal to bless you and your families.

To contribute and donate, please contact the Colorado Muslim Society Administration- CMS Office Manager- Sr Nirmeen EISayad – or Br Ibrahim Hirbo – CMS Vice President – or any other member of CMS Management. Donations can also be made by visiting CMS’s website at
Jazakallah khairan,

Talibuddin Syed/CMS President
720.877.1272 (cell)

Amanullah Mommandi/CMS Shura Chairman
303.217.6803 (cell)