Important Janaza Information

The Colorado Muslim Society (CMS) proudly has our own in-house morgue, because of this we are able to provide the utmost care and attention to detail when providing funeral services for our deceased and their families.

If you need Janaza services, please carefully read the guidelines and steps below so that we may better assist you during this difficult time.

If you choose the Colorado Muslim Society for Janaza services, CMS requires that all of the following guidelines are agreed upon and followed by the family.


Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Certified Morgue:

The Colorado Muslim Society’s in-house morgue is certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to service all burial and Janaza needs.


According to Islamic traditions the body must not be kept waiting unnecessarily. Doctors have up to 48 hours to sign a death certificate which will enable CMS Funeral Home to obtain a Burial Permit. Please note that CMS funeral home is working very hard to ensure the quickest funeral possible.

Official Paperwork:

Official and trained CMS staff will assist with all the official paperwork to prepare for the funeral including:

1. Filing for the State Death Certificate
2. Obtaining the Burial Permit


CMS will help ease the burden off families, starting with claiming the body from any hospital, home, hospice, etc. with dignified transportation to the mesjid to prepare for the burial.

Islamically Certified Washers:

CMS has a list of Officially Designated Washers that are Islamically trained that have been approved the CMS Executive Committee. Each of these Designated Washers have signed a contract agreeing to uphold the guidelines of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as well as the regulations put forth by the CMS Shura and Executive Committee. These Designated Washers will prepare the body for burial in accordance with all Islamic burial washing guidelines. Feel free to choose an Officially Designated Washer from the list housed with the CMS Office Manager.

Janaza Prayers:

CMS will host the Janaza prayers for the deceased and can accommodate the needs of the family. CMS will also ensure the CMS approved Imam is on hand to perform the Janaza prayer unless there is written permission from both, the CMS Imam and Administration, for someone else to perform the Janaza prayer. If Funeral Services are scheduled on a Friday, Janazah prayers will take place after the second Jumaa Prayer. No exceptions will be made unless there is a conflict with burial procedure.

Janaza Costs:

CMS Funeral Home Fee is $1,500 for their entire service package. Muslim Garden Cemetery (located at 6540 CO-79, Bennett, CO 80102 and managed by Denver Islamic Society), charges $2000 for their services. Please provide 2 checks payable to:

Colorado Muslim Society for $1,500
Denver Islamic Society for $2,000

Arrangement Contact:

Reach out to the CMS Office Manager to make the proper arrangements at (303) 696-9800.