The overall duties of the treasurer are to maintain an overview of the financial affairs, ensuring its viability and the proper maintenance of financial records and procedures. The duties and qualifications are summarized below.


*Receive all moneys paid to or received by the Colorado Muslim Society (CMS) and issue receipts to the donors/payers in the name of the CMS

  1. Confirm that all cash and checks during the week are deposited appropriate CMS banks account every Friday
  2. Confirm that all payments have been pre-approved by the Office Manager or the President or Authorized Shura Member(s) and has necessary supporting documents.
  3. Confirm that all payments are made from appropriate CMS bank accounts
  4. Ensure that all checks each check must have two (2) signatures and are signed by the Treasurer, the President or another authorized person.
  5. Coordinate the preparation of the CMS Monthly and Annual Financial Statement.
  6. Be authorized by the President, to submit to the Financial Committee Periodic Financial Report, Balance Sheet as directed
  7. Has a full responsibility to keep and secure all financial records, accounting records, inventory records within CMS properties and available access to Financial Review Committee, CMS Office Employees, the President of and the Shura Members
  8. Perform other duties as requested by the Financial Review Committee or Shura Member as needed
  9. Oversee and or present CMS Annual Budgets and perform other duties as requested by Financial Review Committee
  10. Assist the President, Office Employees, and Shura Members as needed for financial decision for CMS
  11. Ensure that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place. The Treasurer will ensure that all transactions are recorded daily or weekly in the QuickBooks
  12. Ensure compliance with the CMS Financial Regulations and other relevant legislation
  13. Implement auditors recommendations as necessary possible
  14. Review with the President and or appropriate Committee to conditions of Contractual Agreements with external agencies and contractors
  15. Advise the Management Committee on the proper conduct of its financial decisions
  16. Advise on successful the fundraising strategy of the Colorado Muslim
  17. Prepare monthly Treasurer Report at Shura Meeting


  • Minimum of Associate degree in Accounting, Finance, Management or Equivalent
  • 1-3 years Treasurer, Auditing, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Management
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and QuickBooks
  • Must be fluent in Oral and Written communication in English and interpersonal skills
  • Must be a Muslim practicing Islam according to the knowledge of Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Must be available and able to spend 1-5 hours per week

A. Application will be accepted from June 21-30, 2018
B. 1 st Interview July 1-7, 2018
C. 2 nd Interview June 7-14, 2018
D. Starting Date August 1, 2018

Please take and drop off your application with your Resume and Cover Letter in the office
of Masjid Abu Bakr or submit it via email: CMS EMAIL

For more details please contact:
Rabiou Alassani 720-251-3195
Hafedh Ferjani 720-987-0048
Syed Bokhari 303-885-3609
CMS Office 303-696-9800