Executive Board

Syed Bokhari
info@coloradomuslimsociety.org  303-696-9800 Ext. 102
Salem Egdaire 
Vice President 
s.egdaire@coloradomuslimsociety.org  303-396-8932
Iman Jodeh
Public relations/ General Secretary 720-608-1882 iman@meetthemiddleeast.org

Shurah Members’ Contacts

  • Hafedh Ferjani  h.fergani@coloradomuslimsociety.org  720-849-8764 (Shura Chairperson)
  • Mohammed Ashour m.ashor@coloradomuslimsociety.org 720-366-5150 (Shura Vice Chairperson)
  • Amanullah Mommandi, P.E  a.mommandi@coloradomuslimsociety.org  303-217-6803 (Secretary of Shurah)
  • Mian Nawaz m.nawaz@coloradomuslimsociety.org 303-588-8888
  • Alam Arain  a.arain@coloradomuslimsociety.org 303-916-5809
  • Rabiou Alassani r.alassani@coloradomuslimsociety.org 720-251-3195
  • Dahir Harjuma d.harjuma@coloradomuslimsociety.org 720-277-7658
  • Emamudin Ghiasi  e.ghiasi@coloradomuslimsociety.org 303-907-7894
  • Salih Badri s.badri@coloradomuslimsociety.org 303-946-7768

Article VI: Executive Board

A. The society shall have the following offices in the Executive Board:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Imam
  • Treasurer
  • Chairpersons of the following standing committees:
    • Public Relations and Publicity
    • Education
    • Maintenance and Planning
    • Membership
    • Director of Women”s Affair
    • Youth Affairs

B. A special women”s affair committee shall be established by the President.

C. The president may, after informing the Shoorah, establish any ad-hoc committee with special assignments for the advancement of purpose of the society

D. The Executive Board shall serve for a term of two (2) years and their duties shall be defined by the bylaws of the society

E. The president shall be selected by the Shoorah

F. The officers of the executive board shall be selected by the president with the approval of the Shoorah

G. The term of office and method of selection of the imam may vary from the above depending on the availability and circumstances

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