August 25, 2017

As-salamu ‘alaikum wa rahma-tullahi wa barakatuh:
Alhamdu-lillahi rabbi al-Aaalamiin…

Masjid Abu Bakr of the Colorado Muslim Society proudly announce the most recent

  • Eid will be Friday, September 1st in shaa Allah, Eid prayers will start strictly at 7:00
    am and 9:00 am at masjid Abu Bakr.
  • We have put up our member list on the board, Please check that your name is on the
    list, if it is not and you are a member please come into the office.
  • With the help of Allah and our community our mosque was able to get out of its
    debt. We only ask you to come to the office and fulfill your pledges in order to
    continue your support to the masjid.
  • Taqi School is hiring for Female/ and Male Teachers please come to interview with
    Principal Taj, Saturday and Sunday between 10am- 2pm.
  • Weekend Youth Activities are on Saturdays after asr and Sundays after duhr, please
    contact Abdul Daahir for all details.
  • Saturdays after Maghrib Sh. Amjad will give a talk about “The Prophet’s prayer
  • We would like to inform you that the new kiosk credit card machine is there to
    accept your donations for your convenience.


  • 1. Please remember your $10.00 donation.
  • 2. Please respect the parking lot regulations and reserved parking spaces.

Friday announcement 8.25.17

Friday Announcement Aug 25, 2017