October 21, 2020

In a joint effort between CMS and the Tri-County Health Department, CMS will reopen starting on Friday, October 23rd for Fajir.

The decision to close, continue our disinfecting procedures that have been in practice since June, and reopen on Friday, were made by CMS leadership listed below. We would like to thank you for your cooperation. Please stay tuned to further precautionary measures to be announced on Thursday inshallah.

Talib Sayed, President
Ibrahim Hirbo, Vice President
Iman Jodeh, Spokesperson
Nirmeen Elsayed, Office Manager
Abbas Salim, Shurah Member
Alam Arain, Shurah Member
Amanullah Mommandi, Shurah Member
Dahir Harjuma, Shurah Member
Ghiasi Emamudin, Shurah Member
Hafedh Ferjani, Shurah Member
Mian Nawaz, Shurah Member
Mohammed Ashour, Shurah Member
Salih Badri, Shurah Member

Colorado Muslim Society Reopening on the 23rd of October