October 20, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Per the Colorado Muslim Society (CMS) announcement regarding potential COVID exposure at the mesjid on October 19, 2020, the Tri-County Health Department, in conjunction with CMS, has set forth the following guidelines:

1. Designated Low Risk Exposure Notification:
The Tri-County Health Department has designated this as a “low risk exposure notification” and has given permission for us to reopen. Alhumduliah, this is further proof that CMS’ precautions are working, and we will continue to follow State law.

2. Low Exposure Risk:
While the confirmed COVID case has not attended the mesjid since October 10th, please seek medical attention if you feel unwell.

3. Reopening Procedure:
The mesjid will reopen on Friday, October 23rd. At which time we will reopen with extended health and safety precautions as we enter cold and flu season. These extended precautions and protocols will be announced over the coming days.

CMS leadership would like to continue to remind the community to only follow information regarding CMS that is released by designated and sanctioned CMS leadership through official CMS channels – i.e. the CMS website, Shura, Executive Committee, staff, and official statements and social media. You may find a list of these individuals who may speak on behalf of the Colorado Muslim Society/Mesjid Abu Bakr below. Please bring any questions, comments, or concerns directly to designated leadership only.

Warm Regards,

Talib Sayed, President
Ibrahim Hirbo, Vice President
Iman Jodeh, Spokesperson
Nirmeen Elsayed, Office Manager
Abbas Salim, Shurah Member
Alam Arain, Shurah Member
Amanullah Mommandi, Shurah Member
Dahir Harjuma, Shurah Member
Ghiasi Emamudin, Shurah Member
Hafedh Ferjani, Shurah Member
Mian Nawaz, Shurah Member
Mohammed Ashour, Shurah Member
Salih Badri, Shurah Member

Tri-Country Health Department/Colorado Muslim Society Guidelines